About Me

Welcome to my e-portfolio. I am Timothy Martel, a 19 year old Business Administration student. I love sports and enjoy spending time with my family. My e-portfolio will showcase my talents in many different fields of study.

At Middlesex Community College I have been studying Business Administration with a concentration in business management. The knowledge I’ve gained since I first started at this college is amazing. The professors I have come to know all give you a great chance to succeed and reach your potential. I plan on transferring to a four year college following the end of the 2016 Spring semester. This webpage is dedicated to all of my best work. I am hoping the information I have provided will be a good illustration of my hard work, dedication to my studies and what I strive for in the future.

Within the next 10 years I see myself being a successful manager at a large firm. Hopefully somewhere in Boston. I believe the skills I have already acquired will help me reach my future goals.

Please feel free to write any comments below!